in search of fig trees…

In the midst of a PhD I have left my home in Tasmania to accompany my fella, Dave, on a journey to Deutschland where he is about to begin a most marvelous job. Apart from one or possibly two journey’s to Madagascar where I will briefly become an expert in catching giant snakes (or possibly photographying Dave catching them) I am preparing myself for a long hours alone completing my PhD from my home in a relatively small German city. And, what better way to assist inevitable thesis procrastination, then writing something else. It may be as mundane as a thesis but at least it will be pretty – as here I can also post pictures!

So, begins many a journey: in Deutsch and in living in a small german city; in wandering through Europe (hopefully); through the world of ideas about urban trees and the struggles of a daily life spent writing (for my PhD); in learning more about photography; and, in possibly the most unique place in the world – Madagascar.

The view from a window of the home we have left behind... perhaps the opposite of Berlin

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